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Welcome to
Vietcetera's newsroom.

“They say you come to Vietnam and understand a lot in a few minutes. The rest takes a lifetime.” 
– The Quiet American

That’s why Vietcetera, a new media platform, and its mission is so important: local stories for a global audience.
Stories allow people to understand Vietnam beyond what they see on Google, at the airport, and through tourist photos.
Our office design for Vietcetera is inspired by stories past.

Colors like sage green walls and dark wood.

Textures like French shutters.

Intrigues like this hidden bookcase door.

Medicine cabinet lockers.

Terrazzo bench keeps it cool. Protruding stilt room provides cover and conversation possibilities. 

Go behind our process with our first client presentation:

Download link

Interior Design: Nhung Ho, Hoang Thong Nguyen

Producer: Khiem Vo, Nhung Ho
Photo: Thuy Truc, Hung Le (Reo)
Creative Director: Tuan Le

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